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FAQ/Privacy Policy

Quick FAQ

Shipping - All memorabilia orders placed by 1:00PM Pacific time on our website will be shipped the same business day. Orders placed after 1:00PM Pacific time, or on weekends, will be shipped the following business day. Items are shipped via either USPS First-Class or USPS Priority Mail. If you would like to request a specific shipping service, please contact us before you place an order.

All orders related to our signings and events (e.g., autograph tickets, unsigned items, etc.) will be held for pickup on the day of the event. No tickets or unsigned items will be mailed out prior to the event.

Sales Tax - All orders placed by California (CA) residents will be charged a 9.0% State Sales Tax. (7.50% statewide sales tax + 1.50% district sales tax)


1) How do your autograph signings and events work?

We bring in athletes and other guests to sign autographs and take photos with fans. We sell tickets online for autographs and photo opportunities ("photo opps") with our guests. We also sell tickets the day of the event depending on availability, though ticket prices will usually be higher on the day of the event. All prices are subject to change at any time at our discretion.

To ensure a pleasant experience for all customers, only the ticket holder will be allowed in the autograph line. (This is subject to our discretion depending on the crowd and the event. Please refer to the appropriate Show Information pages for further instructions.) If you purchase a photo opp ticket, your photo will be taken by our onsite photographer after your item is signed by the guest. (You may choose to have your photo taken with your own camera, smartphone or other device.) Please note that, unless you have a photo opp ticket, you cannot get a photo from our onsite photographer at any time during our events. If you would like to take a photo of a guest signing your item, we ask that you do so in a timely manner.


2) How does the purchase of a ticket work on your site?

You can purchase tickets with PayPal, a credit/debit card or call us over the phone to place your order. We do not mail out any tickets - all tickets will be available for pick-up during the day of the event at our registration table. Please bring your receipt and a valid photo ID to pick up your order. If you place your order over the phone with us, you only need to bring a photo ID with you for pick-up.


3) What comes with an autograph ticket/photo opportunity ticket?

- Each autograph ticket entitles you to one (1) autograph on one (1) item from the specified guest. The purchase of an autograph ticket does NOT include an item, inscription or a photo opportunity.

- Each photo opp ticket entitles you to one (1) posed photo with the specified guest. We will have a photographer onsite, or you may choose to take a photo with your own device. You do NOT have to purchase an autograph ticket to be able to have your picture taken. Within the week following an event, we will post all Photo Opps from the event in albums on our Facebook page here: Autograph Dynasty, LLC Facebook. If you would like an 8x10 copy of your photo(s), please notify us via email (info@autographdynasty.com) with the following information:

1) Your name

2) Your photos in the album

2) Your order number (if you ordered online)

3) Your mailing address

And we will mail one (1) 8x10 copy of each Photo Opp to you. (Additional 8x10 copies are $5 each.) We can also email you the digital files upon request.

- Each inscription ticket entitles you to one (1) personalization or inscription up to five (5) words on one (1) item. You are NOT entitled to an autograph or photo opp if you only purchase an inscription ticket.


4) What is a Line Jumper Pass?

A Line Jumper Pass entitles you to line up in the front of the autograph lines and enter the autograph session before general tickets. A Line Jumper Pass applies to all autograph guests at an event unless otherwise specified.

Other perks may be specific to an event, such as premium Q&A seating!

You do not have to purchase a Line Jumper Pass to be ensured of an autograph. If you purchase an autograph ticket, you are guaranteed an autograph from the player on the ticket.


5) How do I obtain my tickets and items for an event?

All ordered tickets can be picked up at Will Call the day of the event. (We may have tickets for sale the day of the event depending on availability.) If you ordered unsigned items for an event, our staff will direct you to our memorabilia booth for pick-up. You MUST bring your receipt and a valid photo ID to be able to pick up your tickets and/or items.

We do NOT mail out any ticket orders prior to an event. (As we are a virtual company, we do not have an office open to the public for in-person pick up.)

Please note that if someone other than the original customer will be picking up tickets, we MUST be notified prior to the event.


6) Can I purchase an item to get signed?

For every event, we will carry a small variety of items for purchase on our site, as well as on the day of the event. Typically, most of our items will be photographs of various, as well as other items such as baseballs or mini helmets.


7) What is the difference between "regular" and "premium" items?

Unless otherwise noted:

"Regular" items - flat items sized up to and including 8"x10" photos; baseballs; mini helmets; mini basketballs, etc.

"Premium" items - all items not classified as "regular", such as full-size jerseys, bats, flats larger than 8"x10", etc.

If no distinction is made, autograph tickets are for any item.


8) Can I take a picture with the guests at your events?

For an official photo from our onsite photographer, you MUST purchase a photo opp ticket to be able to take a posed photograph with our guests.

We will allow you to use your smartphone or camera to pose for a quick photo with our guests if time permits. In some cases, we may need to limit or disallow such photos for the convenience of all of our customers and guests.

We ask that customers avoid attempting to pose for a photo with a guest outside of the designated area(s).


9) Do you accept mail-ins and mail-orders?

Yes, we accept both unless otherwise noted for a specific event. Please contact us first to confirm.

If you would like to place a mail-in purchase, the cost of return shipping will depend on the type of item you send in. Mail-in orders must be placed no later than two (2) weeks BEFORE an event. Please note that the customer is responsible for mailing the item to us, and ensuring that the item arrives before the event. We do not offer a refund if the item fails to arrive to us before the date of the event.

If you would like to place a mail-order purchase, we will ship your order no later than three (3) business days after the date of the event. Fortunately, we will typically mail out all orders the next business day.


10) What if I will miss a signing or event?

If you already purchased tickets but are unable to attend an event, we can change your purchase to a mail-order if you would like. Our staff will get your item signed for you, and mail it to you at an additional cost. If that is not an option for you, we can also offer you a refund. To be eligible for a refund, we require a notice (phone or email) no later than one (1) week BEFORE an event.

If we are not notified of your absence by this deadline, no refunds will be offered and all sales become final.


11) Do you offer authentication services?

Yes, we offer authentication holograms at $4.99 per item ($5 in person) for any item. We will authenticate your signed items with a unique company hologram sticker placed on the item. We will only authenticate items which we have witnessed being signed at our events, so our customers can be assured that any autograph with an Autograph Dynasty, LLC hologram is authentic.

As is the case with all of our signings and events, we personally witness the athletes signing the items that we have on our site. We do not sell any autographed items which we did not witness being signed in person by the respective athlete.


12) Why is my order "Awaiting Fulfillment"?

We keep the status of all event ticket orders as "awaiting fulfillment" until they are picked up on the day of the event. This lets us know that you were able to pick up your order, and we will then change the status to "Completed" after the event. Mail-in and mail-order purchases will be changed to "Completed" after the customer has received their items.

The status of orders of autographed memorabilia will be changed to "Shipped" when they have been mailed. You will receive an email notification that your order has been shipped as well.


12) Why does my order show "Free Shipping" if I only ordered tickets to an event?

This is simply a formality on our site. All tickets are held for pick-up on the day of an event, and we do not charge for shipping. You can simply select "Free Shipping" in the checkout process.

For autographed memorabilia sold on our site, shipping is still free for USPS First-Class or FedEx Home Delivery to United States addresses. Orders placed by 1:00PM Pacific will ship the same business day Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 1:00PM Pacific, or on weekends, will ship the next business day. Please contact us if you desire faster shipping services.

Some orders may be shipped in separate packages. Such orders will still be mailed on the same business day, using the same shipping service.


13) Will I receive the exact item pictured?

Please note that all product photos are examples of the items themselves, as we usually have more than one of the same product.

For all of the products listed on our site, you will receive the item you ordered with the signature of the same ink color shown. Feel free to ask if we have signed items available in different ink colors (e.g., asking if we have photos signed in blue Sharpie vs. black Sharpie) and if available we will mail your requested item upon purchase. Please rest assured that you will receive an item of similar quality as the one displayed online.



PRIVACY POLICY (last updated February 1, 2017)

Autograph Dynasty, LLC operates www.autographdynasty.com ("The site"). This section outlines our policies on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information received from users of the site.

Information Collection and Use

While using the site, we may ask you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information may include, but is not limited to, your name, address, and/or email address.


We may use your personal information to contact you with newsletters, email communications, marketing materials or other promotional content related to our services, events, or products.


The site may use cookies to collect information. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, please be advised that you may not be able to use or access parts of the site.


The site uses SSL technology to ensure that your payment information is only used to process purchases on the site. The site accepts Amazon Pay, which collects information from your Amazon.com account to process your purchase(s) on the site.

Changes to this Policy

This policy is effective as of February 1, 2017 and will remain in effect until and unless changes or provisions are made to this policy. Such changes or provisions will be effective immediately after being posted on this policy. We reserve the right to update and revise this policy at any time. Your continued use or our services and products after any revisions or changes are posted to this policy will constitute acknowledgement of such revisions or changes, and constitutes your consent to abide and be bound by this policy and any modifications.

If any material changes are made to this policy, we will send notice via email or through prominent display on the site.

Please use the Contact Us page if you have any questions about this policy.